Starter Kit - Adjustable Safety Razor (Silver) & Shaving Brush

Starter Kit - Adjustable Safety Razor (Silver) & Shaving Brush

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Get our adjustable safety razor and shaving brush for just £30 when combined with your first shaving club box.

Adjustable Safety Razor RRP £44.95Discover the best shave no matter your hair type or blade brand with this adjustable razor. Ideal for all wet shavers, whether they're beginners or experienced with a single blade.

Features an ergonomic contemporary design with an innovative internal mechanism that allows you to adjust the blade gap to get the shave that's right for you. Just twist the handle from 1-6 to go from a mild shave to an aggressive shave, or somewhere in between. 

The long handle has been perfectly balanced so it feels comfortable in the hand without being too heavy. To change blades, simply pop off the head plate, put the DE blade in and then click the head plate back on.

Signature Shaving Brush RRP £15 - Made with high quality nylon hairs that make it incredibly soft on the skin but with enough backbone to easily whip up a lather.  Cruelty-free and easy to maintain. Assembled by hand to make sure the bristles retain their shape.