Starter Kit - Signature Safety Razor & Shaving Brush

Starter Kit - Signature Safety Razor & Shaving Brush

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Get our signature safety razor and shaving brush for just £10 when combined with your first shaving club box.

Signature Safety Razor RRP £12.50 - Perfect for the beginner wet shaver, it features a relatively light handle, forgiving blade-gap and streamlined head to allow for an easy shave every time without fear of cuts or irritation. 

Works with any double-edge blade included in the club. Made of 3 parts: unscrew the handle to easily place the blade between the two head pieces.

Signature Shaving Brush RRP £15 - Made with high quality nylon hairs that make it incredibly soft on the skin but with enough backbone to easily whip up a lather.  Cruelty-free and easy to maintain. Assembled by hand to make sure the bristles retain their shape.