Focus Slim AP Shavette - Black

Take your shaving experience to the next level with the expertly designed Slim AP Shavette in stylish black by Italian brand Focus. Lightweight and evenly balanced, the Slim AP is made of anodized aluminum along the arm that holds the razor whilst the handle is made from beautifully finished plastic.

Blades are changed through an effective blade lock system in combination with standard double-edge blades snapped in half. 

No need for a strop or regular sharpening, get the benefits of a straight razor shave with the convenience of using disposable DE blades.

  • Beautiful design
  • Aluminium arm with plastic handle
  • 5 x 14.5mm front tip
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Takes double-edge safety blades snapped in half

***Not compatible with half blades, use standard double-edge blades snapped in half whilst still in their wrapper***

Developed out of a passion for wet shaving, Focus offers innovative shaving products that have a patented opening system. All products are designed and made in Italy.

Total Length: 110mm

Made in Italy