Merkur Futur Satin Safety Razor

Merkur Futur Satin Safety Razor

Modern style and a traditional tool combine to give you the Merkur Futur double-edge safety razor, quite possibly the most beautiful and unique razor on the market.

If you're looking for a razor that will turn heads, this is it. Guaranteed to get a second glance as people note the minimalist design and gorgeous satin finish.

Fully adjustable to suit your skin. Designed with an innovative internal mechanism that allows you to alter the angle of the blade through 5 settings so you can decide exactly how aggressive you want your shave to be.

The Merkur Futur has a solid construction that feels nicely weighted in the hand. Ideal for the beginner or expert shaver alike.

Also comes with a Merkur double-edge razor blade in the box that can easily be inserted or removed from the razor without fuss.