Oil Can Grooming Angel's Share Shave Oil

Oil Can Grooming are a fresh British brand with a focused range of hair, skin, and beard products. Their brand name and aesthetic style is built around the humble oil can, and comes from the idea that “Keeping machinery and moving parts in prime condition and running smoothly. Something our products will do for you.”.

We love the shape and style of the can that the oil comes in, it really stands out. Made from a blend of grape seed and avocado oil for their natural moisturising properties, it’s perfect for adding that extra layer of protection underneath your lather for a really comfortable, smooth shave.

It also helps to soften the hairs which makes it a lot easier for the blade to cut through, minimising any chance of an uncomfortable tugging feeling. The citrus fragrance is a blend of lime and mint which leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed post-shave.