The January/Feb Shaving Kit

The January/Feb Shaving Kit

If you'd love to give classic wet shaving a go but aren't yet ready for a full subscription, you can pick up this "Extra-Care Box" we recently featured for a one-off price. 

The January/Feb box has everything you need to get started including:

  • Our signature safety razor RRP £12.50
  • Our luxuriously soft synthetic hair shaving brush RRP £15
  • The classically scented Clubman Pinaud Shave Soap RRP £7.95
  • Soothing ginger and mandarin scented moisturiser from Man Polish RRP £11.95
  • Ethically sourced and natural pre-shave scrub from Sukin RRP £8.95
  • 10 replacement DE blades, enough for over 50 shaves on average RRP £4.95
  • Plus step by step instructions to take you from clumsy cartridge user to shaving samurai in just 5 shaves.

A total of over £60 worth of items bundled in this kit

Revolutionise your shaving routine and benefit from satisfying, irritation-free shaves 

Blades are plastic-free and 100% recyclable.