Vero-Re Aventus Solid Cologne
Vero-Re Aventus Solid Cologne
Vero-Re Aventus Solid Cologne
Vero-Re Aventus Solid Cologne

Vero-Re Aventus Solid Cologne

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Vero Re is a small fragrancier from Nottinghamshire that specialises in hand made solid colognes using a vegan-friendly, soy wax base. The brand was originally created around the desire to be able to carry your favourite fragrance in your gym bag without risk of it smashing.

Since launching in 2020, Vero Re now has a range of solid scents that emulate the most popular men’s fragrances that are usually only available in a glass bottle.

The beauty of using a solid cologne rather than a spray is it uses a highly concentrated wax base combined with moisturising oils, meaning there is no water content and no alcohol, allowing for a higher concentration of fragrance that won’t dry out your skin.

Compared with a bulky glass bottle, solid colognes are perfect for carrying in your pocket, gym bag or on an airplane. Their size makes them discreet, allowing for quick and simple application on the go whenever you need a top-up.

Based on the extremely popular fragrance by Creed, Aventus starts with a fruity top note and mellows into a woody base with hints of vanilla.

How To Use

Gently rub your finger over the cologne (or scrape some off with the back of your nail) and then apply to your pulse points such as your wrist, neck and behind your ears.

We use the pulse points because they heat up the cologne, making it last longer. Scent should last roughly 4 hours before it may need reapplying.

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