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April Wet Shaving Box The Personal Barber


We say this every month, but we’ve got a fantastic line up of products for you to try and we’re incredibly excited to hear what you think.

On top of that, we’ve also arranged for an amazing competition to coincide with this month’s box. Check it out here for a chance to win the full line-up of Menage Skincare products for men.

Valobra Almond Soft Shaving Soap

Valobra Almond Soft Shaving Soap

Valobra are an Italian brand that has been making high quality soaps for over 100 years. Based in Genoa, their first factory was opened in 1903 and they still retain many of the techniques of the master soap makers of the 18th century that the company was built on, such as letting the soap season for a full 6 months. This month we’re featuring their Almond Soft Shaving Soap. The soap itself has a consistency somewhere between a soap and a cream which makes it long-lasting and very easy to lather up. It only takes the smallest amount to get a rich, voluminous lather going. It has a beautiful sweet almond scent which will have you coming back for more time and time again. It’s seriously addictive but (fortunately) the scent doesn’t linger long after shaving so you won’t smell like a croissant all day. Usually this soap is presented as a block in a fairly unappealing cardboard box which makes it difficult to use so we’ve presented it in a nice cosmetics tin for you instead. You’re welcome.

To use: This soap is best used with a bowl (an old tea mug will do the trick just as well). Take a small almond sized dollop of soap and place it either straight in the bowl or in the centre of your damp shaving brush and build a lather as normal. Don’t use your damp brush straight on the tin, the water will cause the soap to go runny and reduce its lifespan.

Menage Skincare For Men

Menage are the only men's skincare brand in the world to have patented antioxidant technology, which they use in all their products. We're very excited about the scrub and moisturiser included this month. Utilising Copper PCA, their range is designed specifically for men's skin to help protect from free radical damage and reduce visible signs of ageing. We really like the branding of the whole Menage range, everything about it feels premium and aimed at men, even down to the packaging. Unfortunately the packaging (seen in the below picture) was a bit too big for our subscription box so it had to be omitted.

Menage Anti-Ageing Moisturiser SPF 15

Menage Anti-Ageing Moisturiser SPF 15

Combine skin repairing retinoids, powerful antioxidants, and 5* sun protection and you get this amazing moisturiser. Easily absorbs into the skin without any residue or shine and leaves the skin feeling noticeably hydrated all day. Perfect after shaving as the retinoids help heal any irritation and the sun protection helps fight wrinkles. We particularly liked the natural plant-like scent and green colour of the cream, it’s unlike any moisturiser we’ve used before.

To use: Can be used in place of a balm, directly after shaving, but we prefer it as an additional piece of skincare love. Let your usual post-shave balm fully absorb into the skin (roughly 60 seconds) and then apply this moisturiser. Make sure to rub in all over the face and neck, not just the shaved areas.

Menage Deep Pore Cleansing Face Scrub"

Menage Deep Pore Cleansing Face Scrub

Possibly our favourite face scrub we've ever featured. Menage have created a natural volcanic scrub that does a fine job of buffering your face to leave clearer skin from the get go. Suitable for daily use, it is ideal as part of your pre-shaving routine to create a smooth surface for your razor to glide over. We loved the clean fragrance and microfoam lather.

To use: Perfect to prime the hairs before shaving, gently rub onto a damp beard before shaving to clean the face. Best used in the shower or before a hot towel as the scrub aids the hairs in water absorption. Rinse off before use.

Voskhod and SuperMax Super Platinum DE Razor Blades

April Subscription Box Replacement Double-Edge Razor Blades

One of our favourite aspects of a proper traditional wet shave is the sheer variety on offer. Trying new products, discovering new scents and, of course, testing out new blades. We’re always on the hunt for a blade that will somehow give an even more pleasurable shave without sacrificing sharpness or comfort. We’ve tried a lot of blades, some great some awful but because everyone’s skin and hair type is different, we can’t recommend any one blade over another. So each month we feature new blades for you to experience so you can find which work best for you.

Supermax Super Platinum DE Razor Blades

Manufactured in India, the SuperMax Super Platinum are the sharpest in the SuperMax range without compromising on smoothness. We’ve featured the Supermax Platinums before but these are the super platinums! What’s the difference? These include an extra coating which should result in a smoother shave. Either way, like the rest of the Supermax range, these are a fantastic blade that will easily last 4-7 shaves without a drop in quality.

Voskhod DE Razor Blades

We’ve been looking forward to featuring these blades for a while. A fan favourite amongst seasoned wet shavers. Voskhod are a Russian blade with an excellent reputation for giving great shaves for all beard types. Last 4-7 shaves

menage competition giveaway

Competition Time

Don't forget to enter our competition and be within a chance to win the full skincare range from Menage. It only takes a few seconds to enter and there's over £60 worth of goods to be won.

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