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How It Works

Elevate Your Routine

Turn shaving into a satisfying ritual with a DE safety razor and luxurious shaving brush. Close, comfortable, eco-friendly.

Try A Range Of Products

We curate the best shaving and skincare supplies available and send them to you. Every kit is different, to keep things fresh.

Full Control

No hoops to jump through. You can cancel any time, change your delivery date, or add products to your box. You're in control.

How We're Different

At The Personal Barber we have one goal: To turn your routine from a daily chore into a satisfying ritual.

We passionately believe that shaving can be a satisfying, zen part of your day.

We'll revolutionise your shaves via 2 changes:

1. Introduce you to the single-blade style of shaving - This is a game changer!

2. Introduce variety into your grooming routine by sending all new products in each box.

Razor and Brush Shaving Style

Using a single-blade safety razor and shaving brush may be the best grooming decision you ever make.

The brush creates the best quality lather whilst simultaneously providing mild exfoliation to the skin as well as lifting up the hairs in preparation for a close shave.

The single blade is sharp enough to glide through even the toughest hairs like butter and is much gentler on the skin compared to using multiple blades. If you have sensitive skin, this is the razor for you!

There's just nothing quite like the feeling of whipping up a warm scented lather and methodically removing stubble in an effortless sweep of the razor. It really is a satisfying way to shave and will turn your daily routine from a dull chore into time to be savoured.

Never used a safety razor before? It's easy! We include step by step instructions to master it in no time.

Variety Of Boxes

Variety really is the spice of life. There's no fun in getting sent the same products day in and day out.

The whole point of our shaving club is to make you look forward to your grooming routine.

That's why we scour the globe for the best quality men's shaving and skincare items and bundle them into your box.

Eack kit you receive will feature a different scented shaving soap or cream to keep your morning routine interesting.

We'll also throw in different brands of blades so you can find the ones that work best for your skin.

And if you're part of our discovery box, you'll also get to discover a wide range of fantastic skincare items to elevate your shaves. Try out post-shave balms, pre-shave oils, scrubs, face washes and more.

Essentials Box

Our base subscription option and the cheapest shaving club on the market!

Each box comes with a new scented shaving soap or cream plus 10 replacement blades.

Boxes sent to your schedule (can be altered at any time)

Fully customisable - Add balms, creams, and moisturisers to upcoming deliveries at a discounted rate.

Discovery Box

Our complete subscription option featuring a new selection of products in each kit, curated by our team of experts.

Each box comes with a new scented shaving soap or cream plus 10 replacement blades.

Plus, features 2 extra full size skincare products designed to complement your grooming routine.

Boxes sent every 6 or 12 weeks depending on how often you shave (you can alter delivery dates from your account at any time)

Fully customisable - Add extras to upcoming deliveries at a discounted rate.

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The Starter box

If you haven't used a safety razor and brush before, we've got a starter set with everything you need to dive in and discover this fantastic style of shaving. Includes razor, brush, shaving soap/cream, styptics, 10 replacement blades, and our easy to follow guide to the perfect shave.

The starter kit is the same regardless of if you join the Essentials Box or the Discovery Box.

Why Use A Single-Blade Razor?

There's a reason so many men are switching to the classic safety razor:

Quality Of Shaves - The single blade combined with the weight of the razor will glide through your stubble with ease, cutting your hair flush with the skin for a smooth finish.

No Irritation - Avoid the razor burn and ingrown hairs caused by aggressive multi-blade razors that cut beneath the surface. Our single-blade razors are suitable for sensitive skin.

Environmentally Friendly - No plastic disposable cartridges to clog up landfills. Blades are 100% recyclable.

Timeless Design - The solid metal construction looks fantastic and feels weighted in the hand making it a joy to look at and a pleasure to use.

Member Reviews


"Spot on. It is my first time shaving with a safety razor and the shaving box has everything a first timer needs. The razor is excellent quality and the brush works well to create a lather. The shaving soap is refreshing and smells nice. I am already looking forward to the next shave box"


"Just a quick message of thanks, before I used your kit I tried all sorts of razors and foams/gels etc but could only shave 3/4 day intervals, due to rashes and irritation. Since using the products I purchased from you I've been able to shave daily, for the last couple of weeks, with no problems. Thanks again"


"As usual you have supplied top quality products, I look forward to trying the shaving soap and solid cologne. Last month you sent the pre-shave oil, what a product. I will certainly be extending my membership."


I've never used a safety razor before, and I'm worried I'll cut myself, is it difficult? - It's called a safety razor for a reason! The bar protects you from the blade so you can remove your beard with ease. It does take a few shaves to get the hang of but we include step by step instructions that quickly take you from novice to master in only 1 or 2 shaves. Over 90% of subscribers say they would never go back to their disposable cartridge after trying our razor.

How much do you get in each Discovery box? -  Each kit includes 10 blades, a shaving soap/cream, and 2 full size grooming products for a total average worth of £35-£45 so you always make a big saving!

Can I control my deliveries? - Yes! You can skip upcoming boxes or cancel and then reactivate at a later date all from within your account page.

For a full list of FAQ's visit our FAQ Page