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FebMarch22 Wet Shaving Subscription Box - The Personal BarberWe’ve got an exciting month lined up for you! Read on to discover what's in the latest box in The Personal Barber Shaving Club.

Updates from the past month:
  • New stock of Vivo razors from Muhle in the shop 
  • Unveiled our brand new adjustable safety razors in black and silver
  • Launched our own pre-shave oil - Featured in this month’s kit
  • Launched our new limited edition bamboo shaving towel - Featured in this month's kit

Scroll down to see what’s in this month’s kit.

What is The Personal Barber Shaving Club?

The Personal Barber is the curated shaving subscription that wants to turn your daily chore into a satisfying experience to look forward to.

We passionately believe that making the switch to a single-blade razor will change your whole outlook on shaving. Not only is it kinder on your skin so you can achieve a close shave without razor burn or rash, but there’s something very satisfying about using a single-blade that just isn’t felt from a modern, plastic, multi-blade razor.

That’s why we created our shaving club where you’ll be learning the art of the classic wet shave whilst getting to try a range of fantastic products to bring life to your morning routine. Every 6 weeks, we curate a selection of only the finest wet shaving gear from all over the world, introducing you to the lesser known brands and small businesses that you don’t see in the supermarkets.

Make the switch to one of our single blade razors (included in your first box) and find out exactly what you’ve been missing:

  • Warm scented lathers and effortlessly close shaves.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin. Eliminate irritation and say goodbye to shaving rash!
  • Artisan soaps/creams, post-shave balms, colognes and more. Every kit is different so you’re never bored.
  • A clean conscience, no more plastic cartridges destined for landfill. Our blades are 100% recyclable.

Pre-shave box – Post-shave box – Extra-care box

Our latest kit in the Discovery Box subscription is the “Pre-Shave Box” which will be going out to renewing subscribers between Feb 15th – March 31st. With this kit we usually feature a product such as a pre-shave oil, designed to prep your beard before you slap a lather on and start shaving. We also include an extra product that’s more long-lasting and tend to feature less than once a year, so it’s quite the exclusive box!

We also have a smaller sized box, called the Essentials box, that features just the latest picked shaving soap/cream and a restock of 10 DE razor blades. This is for members that want to try new soaps and creams but would rather pick their own extra products. You can add any additional items to your Essentials Box without incurring extra postage fees.

For the full description of everything in this month’s box, keep reading:

Frankincense, lavender and bergamot shaving soap - seaside soap and skincareSeaside Soap & Skincare Frankincense, Lavender & Bergamot Shaving Soap RRP £7.95

Based in Blackpool, Seaside Soap & Skincare is an artisan soap maker that produces luxurious products by hand using rich, skin-loving ingredients free of animal products, unnecessary chemicals and single-use plastic.

They have a fantastic shaving soap range that quickly whips into a dense, hydrating lather that provides exceptional protection and glide for a comfortable shave. Their 100% plant based formula utilises cocoa butter, shea butter and avocado oil for their rich moisturising properties that leave the skin feeling soft, nourished and cared for.

The Frankincense, Lavender & Bergamot scent is a unique blend of essential oils, delivering an earthy, aromatic, masculine fragrance with a delicate balance of floral and citrus notes to calm the mind and lift the spirit.

To use: This shaving soap has a soft consistency so we’d recommend you scoop out an almond sized piece of soap rather than applying a wet brush directly on top. Press the soap into your hand or bowl to increase the surface area and then work with a slightly damp shaving brush until you have a thick and creamy lather, applying a drop of water at a time if it looks too thick.

Ingredients: Potassium Stearate, Sodium Stearate, Aqua, Potassium Shea Butterate, Sodium Shea Butterate, Glycerine, Potassium Avocadoate, Sodium Avocadoate, Potassium Castorate, Sodium Castorate, Potassium Cocoa Butterate, Sodium Cocoa Butterate, Potassium Cocoate, Sodium Cocoate, Cetyl Alcohol, Citrus Bergamia Melarosa Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Boswella Certarii Oil, d-Limonene, Limonene, Linalool, Citral.

Ultimate Pre-Shave Oil - Samurai Scent - The Personal BarberThe Personal Barber Samurai Ultimate Pre-Shave Oil RRP £14.95

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our own pre-shave oil and expansion of our samurai scent range, handmade at TPB HQ.

A pre-shave oil is a fantastic addition to your shaving routine, particularly if you have sensitive skin, because it preps your beard and skin to provide an extra layer of protection so you can have a comfortable shave each time.

Why is this pre-shave oil special? Unlike other shaving oils on the market, ours has been made from the finest cold-pressed* oils which means every drop of skin loving benefits have been preserved.

Why does cold-pressed matter? Most oils are extracted with heat and/or solvents to maximise their yield, and then deodorised and bleached to remove scent and colour. This process helps maximise yield at a cheaper cost with an increased shelf life, but it degrades the fatty acids and precious plant-specific compounds that give individual oils their nutritional, healing and antioxidant properties.

As a subscription box company, we don’t require products with an artificially long shelf life because our members will be using the product straight away. This allows us to choose the best quality unrefined oils for the ultimate in skin benefits…hence our product name “ultimate pre-shave oil”. Despite being cold-pressed, our pre-shave oil will be in top condition for at least 6 months after opening, up to a year.

Our unique formula showcases oils that have been selected specifically for their anti-inflammation properties which makes them ideal when used as part of a shaving routine, as well as being extremely low on the comedogenic scale making them suitable for all skin types (yes, even oily skin) without clogging pores or causing breakouts. The chosen oils are light and fast absorbing so they don’t leave the skin feeling greasy or stick to the sink.

Featuring cold-pressed blackcurrant seed oil, jojoba seed oil, hemp seed oil, safflower seed oil and a refined watermelon seed oil*.

The Samurai scent is our unique fragrance that received rave reviews from members when featured in our shaving soap last year. Described as a heady blend with top notes of bergamot, orange, eucalyptus, and rosemary rounded out with notes of ginger, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg on a base of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk.

Easy flow dropper - Based on feedback from members, we have chosen a dropper cap that effectively lets the oil flow without having to be shaken, just turn it upside-down and wait a second for it to start flowing.

To use: Massage 4-5 drops of pre-shave oil into a freshly cleansed beard/stubble, apply your shaving lather directly on top and then shave. If your skin feels greasy afterwards, you have used too much oil. Adjust for next time.

Ingredients: Ribes nigrum (blackcurrant) seed oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, citrullus vulgaris (watermelon) seed oil, cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, tocopherol (vitamin e), parfum, limonene, hexyl cinnamal, eugenol, benzyl salicylate, cinnamal, citral, linalool

*We couldn’t find a good quality supplier of cold-pressed watermelon seed oil but found an excellent lightly refined version (no solvents) that gave the skin feel we were looking for.

Bamboo Shaving Towel - Grey - The Personal BarberThe Personal Barber Limited Edition Bamboo Shaving Towel RRP £13.95

Another brand new product launch! Once every 18 months we like to include a shaving towel to the box so you can benefit from a truly luxurious barbershop style experience! There’s just nothing quite like starting your shave with a relaxing, steaming hot towel.

Can be used in place of a pre-shave shower, the towel is left to sit on the face which softens the hairs and leaves the skin ready for a great shave. Alternatively, it can also be used as a regular shaving towel to dry your face after shaving, or can be kept in the fridge to act as a cold towel at the end of a shave to close pores.

To keep things exclusive, this towel is limited edition and won’t be made again!

Made from bamboo, one of the most eco-friendly materials available due to it being easy to grow, doesn’t require pesticides or harsh chemicals, absorbs a lot of CO2, and requires significantly less water when compared to cotton. It’s also naturally antibacterial and has been made at a luxurious 540gsm weight so it feels soft on the skin and absorbs water well.

To use: Soak in hot water for 15 seconds, wring out the excess and then apply to the area to be shaved until it has cooled down. It takes a minimum of 3 minutes for your beard hairs to fully absorb water so you may need to repeat this process 2 or 3 times to reap the full benefit of a softened beard. Let it cool until it is safe to touch. Common sense must apply when using hot water. Please DO NOT apply a scalding hot towel to the skin, always double check it is safe to touch first.

Treet Platinum and Feather Hi Stainless Double Edge Razor PacksFeather Hi Stainless and Treet Platinum Replacement Blades

Feather is a Japanese blade widely regarded as the sharpest in the world. Be careful using these blades and if you’re still learning the technique for the razor, practice with the Treet blades first. Platinum coated for added longevity. Each blade lasts 3-7 shaves.

Made in Pakistan, the Treet Platinums are known for giving a consistently smooth shave. Not as sharp as the Feathers but give a very comfortable shave when skin is properly prepared. Last 3-7 shaves

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