February Subscription Box: The New, Old Way To Shave

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The Feb 2016 shaving subscription box

An exciting time to be a wet shaver! This month we’re featuring products from 2 brand new companies as well as an old-world favourite.

Musgo Real 'Classic' Shaving Cream Tube

Musgo Real 'Classic' Shaving Cream

An old-world traditional shaving cream. Musgo Real are a a Portuguese company that have been making fine gentleman’s products for over a century. Made to a unique recipe with ample amounts of lanolin, glycerin and coconut oil, this is a highly moisturising cream that leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

Performance-wise, this is one of the best lathering creams available. Most creams tend to lather up very quickly but the Musgo shaving cream reaches a perfect consistency in almost no time at all. Described as a brushless cream on the packaging, we find that it is far better used with a shaving brush as it will develop meringue-like peaks and become much more voluminous compared to working it by hand.

Musgo Real offer a strong range of scents but we decided to go with the “classic” because it really epitomises the old-world feel of this brand. It’s a heady mix of grassy aromas with a spicy kick to it that exudes manliness.

As you can see from the above image, the cream comes in a tasteful box. Unfortunately this was too big to fit into our subscription box and so we had to take them all out by hand, something our box packers weren’t too pleased with.

Interestingly, their packaging was redesigned a few years a go and now gives off a much more luxurious feel, fitting for their heritage.

Para Mi Natural Shaving Oil

Para Mi Natural Shaving Oil

A brand new British company, Para Mi was conceived out of the desire to find an all-in-one shaving product using 100% natural ingredients. This led to the creation of a special blend of natural oils that properly protects the skin while at the same time nourishing it without leaving a greasy finish.

Most oil-based products will focus on a blend of 2 or 3 oils. What we love about Para Mi is how they’ve blended over 7 of the best quality oils from a variety of fruits and nuts to get the unique benefits from each all into one product. The result is an expensive but very high quality shaving oil featuring sweet almond, grapeseed, olive, avocado, coconut, macadamia and argan oil. They’re also fully transparent about what goes into their product and don’t test anything on animals. Check out their site for the full run-down of ingredients with a detailed explanation of how each benefits the skin.

Definitely the most premium looking and feeling shaving oil we have yet featured in the subscription. The stylish aluminium bottle even comes with its own carry bag.

To use: We found that, along with most oils, it works best as a pre-shave to prep the beard with a protective barrier before lathering up. Add one or two pumps into the palm of your hand and then rub into the area to be shaved. Leave for a full minute before applying your shaving lather (you don’t need to wash the oil off beforehand).

It is also a great post-shave product and can be used to sooth and moisturise the skin after shaving. Apply to a slightly damp face and then pat dry. No need to wash off as it is designed to be a stay-on oil.

Astra and Rockwell double edge razor blades

February Subscription Box Replacement Double-Edge Razor Blades

As usual we’ve included 10 DE blades which will easily last at least 30 days worth of shaves (probably a lot more). Two different brands of blade means you’ll get two different experiences when shaving due to their unique manufacturing methods and materials. We hope you like them.

Rockwell DE Razor Blades

A very special treat this month. We are very pleased to introduce Rockwell Razor and their brand of double-edge razor blades. It’s very rare to find a new brand of DE blade enter the market and it just goes to show how much of a resurgence traditional shaving techniques are getting!

An American-based company but made using Swedish steel, which has a reputation for being the best around due to the high quality iron deposits in Sweden and long history of steel making. These are a really good quality blade designed to perform alongside the top Japanese-style razor blades, which are known for being exceptionally sharp. We found they performed best on their second shave but, as always, blades perform different for everyone so get experimenting. Last 4-8 shaves

Astra Stainless Steel DE Razor Blades

Astra are a brand well known amongst wet shavers for being a strong all-rounder with smooth results. Originally made in Czech Republic, they are now produced in Russia. This is their stainless steel variant whereas in the past we have featured their platinum coated version. What’s the difference? The Astra blades we featured in the past had a platinum coating whereas these are coated with PTFE. The result is a different feel and glide as they run along the skin. Last 3-7 shaves

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