July Subscription Box: Well Groomed And Looking Dapper

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July 2016 wet shaving subscription box line up

As usual we’ve got some fantastic products lined up for you this month. A really solid box with some exciting new brands and great scents.

And if this is your first box from us, you'll also get our signature double edge safety razor and synthetic hair shaving brush for free to get you started. If you find shaving a monotonous task every morning, this could be the tool for you. Using a proper razor requires technique and a little bit of concentration that elevates it from a mindless chore into a pleasurable ritual. We're not exaggerating when we say it will transform your grooming routine for the better, for so many it already has.

Cyril R. Salter Wild Rose Shaving Cream

Cyril R. Salter Wild Rose Shaving Cream

Cyril R Salter have been supplying quality men’s grooming products for over 75 years. This Wild Rose shaving cream is part of their fantastic line of creams. Winner of the Badger And Blade 2014 Award of best shaving cream for a reason, it has a very light consistency that creates a dense lather in seconds with excellent protection for the skin. There are a number of scents in the range but the Wild Rose was by far our favourite. It has a beautifully floral aroma without being too sweet or feminine and maintains a stable lather throughout the shave.

To Use: Best used directly on the skin. Take an almond-sized lump of cream and rub it into each section of your beard. Take a warm, slightly damp brush and start lathering straight on the face.

Rogue UK Energising Face Scrub

Rogue UK Energising Face Scrub

A new British brand on the block boasting a solid range of men’s grooming products, from body wash to eye serum. Believing in “Substance over Style”, this Yorkshire based company have gone for simple packaging, focusing instead on the quality of ingredients and formulations used. Their energising facial scrub is designed to reduce the signs of fatigue whilst the natural Witch Hazel reduces inflammation and decreases oil for clearer, toned skin. Ideal as a pre-shave, the scrub will buffer away dead skin and dirt creating a smooth surface for the razor to run over uninhibited. On top of all of that, the scrub features the signature Rogue UK fragrance, a distinctly modern scent that smells great although it can seem very strong at first. Fortunately this mellows out as you rub it in so it's not too overpowering.

To Use: Best used in your pre-shave shower routine. Take a small dollop and gently rub it in a circular motion all over your face and neck. Avoid the eye areas, they are too delicate for scrubs.

Hello Handsome Moisturiser

Hello Handsome Moisturiser

A moisturiser’s purpose is to hydrate the skin, preventing it from losing moisture and, in turn, keeping it looking youthful for as long as possible. This moisturiser does a fantastic job; it easily absorbs into the skin without any residue or shine and has a subtle sandalwood-based scent that reminds us more of a fresh aftershave but without being overpowering.
To use: If you use an aftershave balm (you should), wait 1 minute for this to fully absorb before applying the moisturiser all over your face and neck to lock in moisture.shark super chrome and derby extra razor blades


July Subscription Box Replacement Double-Edge Razor Blades

We’ve very nearly featured every brand of blade we can get our hands since first launching the subscription. From now on we’ll continue to discover new blades so you can find the perfect balance of sharpness that works for your skin but we'll also be going back through past brands we’ve featured.

Derby Extra DE Razor Blades

Derby Extra were one of the blades we included in our first ever subscription box, and with good reason! These are possibly the most popular blades in the UK, partly due to their availability but also because they're a solid performer. Manufactured in Turkey, they offer a forgiving and comfortable shave that is better suited towards lighter hairs but many thick bearded fellows like them as well. Lasts 3-6 shaves

Shark Super Chrome DE Razor Blades

The Shark range is made in Egypt and comes in two varieties. We featured the "Stainless" variant last year. These Super Chromes are the more premium version of the Shark range, although the difference between them is often contested. Regardless, they’re a sharp blade that give a smooth shave and have excellent longevity. Lasts 4-7 shaves

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