March Subscription Box: Classy Shaving Gear For Gentlemen

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March 17 Shaving Subscription Box

Another exciting month ahead for members of The Personal Barber shaving subscription!

All new orders placed in March 2017 will receive all the below products plus our signature safety razor and brush.

Wickham Shaving Soap "Classic 24&quot

Wickham Soaps Classic 24 Shaving Soap

We’re very excited to introduce the amazing Wickham Soap Co, a small independent British brand that has an incredible reputation within the wet shaving community. Their artisan 1912 shaving soaps are made using a meticulously crafted blend of only the finest cocoa butter and high grade vegetable oils. The result is an effortlessly protective, dense lather that you can’t help but be impressed with. Packed with conditioning ingredients that soften and moisturise, your skin is left with a great post-shave feeling. But Wickham soaps don’t just stand out for their performance, our favourite aspect has to be the choice of unique scents on offer. From Parma Violet to Russian Leather and Club Cola, you really can’t go wrong. This month’s kit features their signature scent (and our favourite) “Classic 24”, a classic 50’s barbershop style fragrance but updated to suit the modern gentleman. With base notes of oak moss and vanilla turning into Moroccan jasmine with top notes of bergamot and pineapple, this is a truly complex and uplifting scent that embodies style and confidence. Perfect for pairing with this month’s cologne. Presented in an over-sized tub that you can use to build your lather straight on top of the soap. It’s quite soft so you can also take out chunks to build your lather as desired.
To use: Take an almond size lump of soap and press it into your bowl or hand to increase the surface area. Using a slightly damp brush, start building your lather as normal.

Dapper Dan Shaving Balm

Dapper Dan Aftershave Balm

Dapper Dan is another independent British producer, this time from Sheffield, that has set out to create a range of high quality barber shop products to fulfil modern men’s styling and grooming needs. As with all after shave balms, it has been developed to soothe and moisturise the skin after shaving to protect from irritation such as razor burn or rash. Even when you’ve mastered your technique and finish every shave without a hint of redness or rash, it’s still wise to use a balm to heal and relieve the skin as tiny imperceptible cuts still occur. Focusing on the healing properties of Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Chamomile, the Dapper Dan balm leaves the skin feeling calm and well moisturised. We loved the Eucalyptus and Menthol scent. It’s invigorating and wakes you up as you apply it but then quickly mellows out and fades so you don’t smell like you’re fighting a cold!
To use: Take a small dollop of balm, rub between palms and gently massage into the face and neck area.

Dear Barber Eau De Toilette

Dear Barber With Confidence Eau De Toilette

Last month we featured the wonderfully scented shaving biscuit and pre-shave oil from British grooming brand Dear Barber, Well this is your opportunity to apply the finishing touches to your morning grooming routine with their manly “With Confidence” Eau de Toilette. A vintage-inspired, spicy fragrance that hearkens back to classic barbershops of old combined with an energising, fresh, modern twist.
To use: Using your finger, dab a small amount onto the "hot spots" such as neck, chest or wrists. Remember, less is more.

Astor and gillette 7 o clock blades

Gillette 7 O'Clock "Sharp Edge" Replacement DE Razor Blades

Made in Russia, the Gillette 7 O’Clock “Sharp Edge”, or more commonly known as Gillette “Yellows”, are supposed to be the brand’s sharpest blade. Many seasoned wet shavers believe it to be one of the sharpest blades on the market. Treat with care and remember to take short passes with minimal pressure against the skin. Each blade lasts 3-7 shaves depending on beard thickness.

Astor Replacement DE Razor Blades

Astor are made by BIC in Greece but are separate from the other BIC brand of blades. These are a solidly performing blade with great longevity and good sharpness. Most find they are able to get a few more shaves out of this brand before needing to change blades. Last 4-8 shaves.

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