May/June Subscription Box: Treat Him This Father's Day

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Wet shaving kit mayjune subscription

It's time to showcase our latest collection of shaving goods going out to subscribers. Every kit in our subscription is completely different because we like to keep your morning ritual as varied and interesting as possible. Rather than stocking you with lots of the same product, we rotate the theme of the boxes so each delivery has something new.

Until the end of June, all subscribers to The Personal Barber shave club will receive the following kit. And don't forget, if you're a new subscriber, you also get our safety razor and brush in your first box as well. The theme of this shaving kit is "Pre-Shave" because we've featured a pre-shave oil. This is the perfect kit to get if you're new to the subscription because the extra protection that an oil provides means you're almost guaranteed a super comfortable shave.

Debonair for men jojoba shaving cream

Debonair For Men Jojoba Shaving Cream

Based in Derby, Debonair For Men is a British brand aiming to be your number one source for stylish male grooming products. This shaving cream is infused with jojoba oil which is known to be an excellent moisturiser because it naturally resembles the skin’s own sebum. It will soothe and condition the skin, leaving it silky soft to the touch. We were also really impressed with the lather, only a tiny amount is needed and it creates a dense, creamy cushion for the blade with plenty of glide. To top it off, Debonair have added their own signature scent to the cream so you feel extra sophisticated as you achieve that baby’s bum smooth finish. Overall a fantastic shaving cream.

To use: Take a small almond sized piece of shaving cream with your nail and then, using a damp shaving brush, build your lather as normal either in your hand, bowl or directly on the face. Don't apply the brush directly into the shaving cream tub, this is wasteful.

Debonair for men jojoba shaving creamHandsome and Dapper Barbershop Pre Shave Oil

Handsome and Dapper are an artisan brand from Glasgow that uses highest quality natural ingredients to create their distinct range of classic men’s products. Each of their oils are blended by hand and presented in these beautiful miniature whiskey decanters. We’re very excited to feature this pre-shave oil, a brand new product in their range not yet available to the public. Designed specifically to coat the skin pre-shave, it differs from their blend of beard oils and we have been very impressed with the results! Gives a cushioning base layer beneath your lather that helps protect against the blade and leaves the skin feeling soft without being greasy. You only need a thin layer to get the benefit. Infused with a clean barbershop scent with a nice balance of everything old school, bay rum, sandalwood, tobacco, musk and the dominating note talc which really stands out as unique compared to other oils we’ve tried.

To use: We don't recommend you tip the oil into your hand because too much will come out at once. Best way to get only a small amount of oil out of the bottle at a time is to press your hand over the mouth of the bottle (creating a lid with your hand) and then tipping the bottle and your hand upside down. Return the right way up, take your hand off the top, and what's left in your palm should be enough to rub into your stubble. Let the oil sink in for a minute. Use this time to start building your shaving lather.

rockwell razor de razor safe

Rockwell Razors Blade Safe

Rockwell Razors are an exciting brand from America that are known for their range of fully adjustable double-edge safety razors. We’ve featured their blade safe in the past, it’s an essential accessory that every wet shaver should have in their bathroom. It went down so well last time that we’re bringing it back. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your used razor blades, this is your answer. It features a small razor sized gap so it allows you to safely (and stylishly) dispose of used razor blades, away from pets, small hands and full bin liners. The whole tin is recyclable so, once it’s full, it can simply be thrown in the recycling making it great for the environment. We like that it also gives you the option to not throw away the whole thing. if you prefer, you can take the bottom off the tin to empty once full and then reuse.

lord racer de blades and BIC chrome de blades

BIC Chrome Replacement Blades

The BIC Chrome Platinums are an excellent blade, made in Greece. These are one of the sharpest brands out there, making them great for thick beards, however they’re somewhat less forgiving so caution is advised. If you’re new to DE shaving, use these after you’ve got the hang of the technique. Last 3-7 shaves depending on hair thickness.

Lord Racer Super Class Platinum Replacement Blades

The Lord Racer Super Class Platinums are a bit of a mouthful to say but another great razor nonetheless. Made in Egypt, they're a medium sharpness blade that is best suited towards slightly heavier razors but still give a great shave in ours. Last 3-7 shaves per blade.

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