An Interview With The Founder Of Para Mi Natural Shaving Oil

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Interviewing Para Mi Shaving Oil Founder

For our February shaving kit we were very pleased to be able to feature the fantastic shaving oil from PARA MI.

We got in touch with John Bristow, the founder of PARA MI, and he very kindly answered some of our questions on how this shaving oil came to market.

How was PARA MI born, what was the inspiration behind creating this unique shaving oil?

I am a retired airline captain. I worked all of my life for British Airways and because of this I was fortunate enough to travel the world and experience many of the things the world had to offer. Over the years I became very conscious that the environment I was working in was not always beneficial for my health and I also came into contact with many cultures and their beliefs ranging from the Polynesian Islands, the Far East and the Caribbean. I am now convinced and feel passionately that nature has many of the answers to the ills of our Western lifestyle with it's stress and excessive food and product additives. We should listen more to what these diverse cultures have to offer and I have tried to incorporate as much of this into my PARA MI.

I have three grown up sons. Two are clean shaven and one is sporting a well trimmed beard. They are all now PARA MI converts and my son with the beard has found PARA MI to be the perfect beard oil as well as the best medium to trim his beard. They have all suffered to varying degrees with razor burn or a skin reaction that some soaps and perfumes can provoke. I had heard of the concept of using oil as a shaving medium and set about creating one of my own but one that would bring special health giving and lasting benefits to the shaving experience.

From the first I was determined to bring to the market an all natural oil who's constituent parts would bring special beneficial qualities. To achieve this I needed to combine as many oils as practicable and set about experimenting with a variety of oil menus until I found the one that gave maximum long term benefit and gave a close and rash free shave. With the selection of oils I had to balance the shaving experience with the long term health effects.

Did you face any problems and, if so, what was the biggest hurdle to creating PARA MI?

Now this would have been a simple process except for the fact that while I was developing this product the EU had introduced rules and restrictions on the use of cosmetic products. I now had to attend an EU approved course to cover all the legal implications and manufacturing requirements for such a product. The product now had to be submitted for extensive testing for toxicity, for longevity and shelf life classification and for container approval. This done, which took quite some time and expense, I was able to register PARA MI on the EU Cosmetic Product Portal for approval for sale within the EU. One very important aspect of this approval process was that PARA MI was designed to be a "leave on product", thankfully this was achieved.

What makes PARA MI Shaving Oil Unique?

The "leave on" aspect is very important as then the oils can work their magic long after the shave has been completed. PARA MI acts in two ways. First it allows the closest rash free shave possible and second it moisturises and enriches the skin every time the product is used. Although I believe these oils can bring far reaching benefits to the skin and body some of these benefits cannot be fully claimed under strict product advertising legislation. However if you were to cast an eye over the PARA MI website you would see the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Omega oils contained within PARA MI have been found in many world cultures to be very beneficial to the skin, body and general health. Which was my prime objective.

What are Your Plans For PARA MI In The Future?

I want to see PARA MI compete with the large cosmetic producers and I want to send out a clear message that it is very important what we rub into and onto our skin and that the only way is the natural way, the PARA MI way.

For shaving or for beard oil the same applies. As a clear oil the shaving area is clearly seen and adapts well for beard trimming as well as a beard oil, Of course I realise that your customers enjoy the shaving experience, maybe those presently with beards will join your mailing list shortly!

If you had a tip for any new wet shaver, what would it be?

For new shavers I would ask that they try PARA MI for a period of time to feel and appreciate the benefits of shaving with an oil. Use wet hands to apply the oil and to help distribute it over the shaving area. Don't use too much, three shots should do and most important, when shaving is complete, dab dry, do not wash off and let the oil sink in.

Lastly, how did you come up with the name "PARA MI"?

The name PARA MI came about as I've spent some time in Mallorca and I'm trying to learn Spanish. "Para mi" is a good start with the waiter as it means "for me". My wife laughs because I'm not so good with languages but I thought what a good name for my oil. For Me!

Para Mi Shaving Oil

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