Razor And Brush Add-On
Razor And Brush Add-On
Razor And Brush Add-On

Razor And Brush Add-On


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Get our signature safety razor and shaving brush for just £10 when combined with the Essentials shaving box and code: STARTERBOX at checkout

Our signature safety razor is perfect for the beginner wet shaver.

It features a relatively light handle, forgiving blade-gap and streamlined head to allow for an easy shave every time without fear of cuts or irritation.

Made of 3 parts, unscrew the handle and place the blade between the two head pieces.

The locking mechanism ensures the blade stays in straight.

Our signature shaving brush is made with high quality nylon hairs that put it somewhere between badger hair and boar hair in terms of softness but with the added benefit of not being an animal product (cruelty-free). For this reason, it is also very easy to maintain; simply flick dry and leave on the side until next shave.

The base is a solid lacquered plastic with smooth finish and a chrome shoulder. Both parts have been assembled by hand to make sure the bristles retain their shape.