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Transform your shaves for the better with an exciting selection box of top shaving and skincare items delivered to your door at your schedule.

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Winner of LuxLife's "Shaving Subscription Of The Year"

The Shaving Club

Our goal is to turn your morning routine into a satisfying ritual you look forward to. That's why we've put together this curated box of shaving excellence.

Join the club today and you will:

- Discover a better way to shave (eliminate razor burn and rash)

- Get to try new and exciting products (every box is different)

- Cut down on waste (plastic-free blades, 100% recyclable)

- Get a plan that's customised to suit you

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How It Works

Join The Club

Our simple sign up process asks you a few questions about how often you shave and the kinds of products you want to receive in your boxes so we can customise selections to suit you. Your first box will be shipped out to you the same day

Get The Starter Box*

For the first kit, you can select our starter box. It includes our signature safety razor, shaving brush, a beautifully scented shaving cream, 10 replacement blades, and our step by step guide to getting the perfect shave.

Love The Recurring Boxes

From your 2nd kit onwards is a restock of everything you selected at the join stage. We'll curate our top picks for you so that every delivery has something new to discover.

*You can skip the starter box if you already own a safety razor and brush

Join The Club

"Double-edged safety razors come with a number of upshots over disposables and the most important is the superior performance."

"they deliver an exceptionally close shave, and because only one blade is in contact with the skin at any one time, they’re ideal for men susceptible to razor bumps, sensitivity and irritation."

"Pretty much everyone agrees that the double-edge trumps any disposable or electric shave out there."

Single-Blade Shaving

There's a reason why millions of guys are rediscovering this classic razor.

Since our inception, in 2015, we've been promoting the double-edge safety razor for its superior shave over modern plastic cartridges.

It glides through thick stubble like butter and with fewer blades in contact with the skin, it minimises any chance for irritation. Say goodbye to razor burn and rash.

Discover Shaving Variety

Each delivery features a unique selection of exciting new products to try, as well as a restock of 10 replacement blades.

No more canned space foam. Shave with luxurious natural creams, post-shave balms, pre-shave scrubs, colognes and more. We keep things fresh so your routine is never dull.

Award-Winning Boxes

We're proud to have been featured in numerous publications and won awards for our dedication to improving men's shaving routines.

Try us out and you won't regret it!

Environmentally Friendly

Billions of disposable razors are sent to landfill every year due to their complicated housing that makes them too expensive to recycle.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Making the swap to a single-blade razor means using fully recyclable metal blades, without any plastic cartridge.

Get a better shave and a cleaner conscience when you join the club today.

Huge Value In Every Kit

We've always focused on maximising value in every kit we send to our members.

Our base tier is more affordable than the big brand subscription boxes such as Harry's and Dollar Shave Club.

And our complete shave experience saves you an average of 40% compared to buying the items directly.

Reviews From Our Members

Graham P, London

"Spot on. It is my first time shaving with a safety razor and the shaving box has everything a first timer needs. The razor is excellent quality and the brush works well to create a lather. The shaving soap is refreshing and smells nice. I am already looking forward to the next shave box"

Danny P, Dovercourt

"Just a quick message of thanks, before I used your kit I tried all sorts of razors and foams/gels etc but could only shave 3/4 day intervals, due to rashes and irritation. Since using the products I purchased from you I've been able to shave daily, for the last couple of weeks, with no problems. Thanks again"

William K, Manchester

"As usual you have supplied top quality products, I look forward to trying the shaving soap and solid cologne. Last month you sent the pre-shave oil, what a product. I will certainly be extending my membership."

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