Aug/September Subscription Box: The Gentleman's Shaving Experience

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The latest box in The Personal Barber Shaving Club is ready to be sent out to subscribers.

Updates from the past month:

  • We received a much needed COVID loan which will allow us to continue moving forward during the bleak-looking months ahead, as well as help us to bring out some exciting new products and keep evolving the subscription.
  • Help Us Design A Bowl - Do you use a shaving bowl? We're tying to design the ultimate bowl for building a lather and would love to hear your thoughts on what makes the best. Leave us your thoughts via this survey here
  • Parker products are back in stock! After months of not being able to get a restock of the Parker range due to lockdowns in their home country, we finally had a shipment arrive. Check out their Variant adjustable safety razor and their leather razor case.
  • A change-up of the referral scheme - We'll soon be changing the rewards for the referral scheme. It's currently set up to give you a free product for every 2 friends you refer but we're going to change it to a voucher in the shop for each friend you refer. That way, everyone can get rewarded even if they only sign up one friend and the voucher is more flexible so it can be used on a wider variety of products. An update to follow when this goes live.
  • We've updated the customer portal! Now it's much easier to manage your subscription and navigate the various functions such as updating your details, checking when your next box is due, skipping upcoming boxes, cancelling etc You can also now force a box to be sent out if you need one ASAP. Best of all, it looks great on mobile! The previous version had some issues optimising for screen size but it now looks great on all devices.

Scroll down to see what's in this month's kit.

What is The Personal Barber Shaving Club?

The Personal Barber is the razor subscription that wants to turn your daily chore into a satisfying experience to look forward to.

We passionately believe that making the switch to a single-blade razor will change your whole outlook on shaving. Not only is it kinder on your skin so you can achieve a close shave without razor burn or rash, but there’s something very satisfying about using a single-blade that just isn’t felt from a modern, plastic, multi-blade razor.

That's why we created our shaving club where you'll be learning the art of the classic wet shave whilst getting to try a range of fantastic products to bring life to your morning routine. Every 6 weeks, we curate a selection of only the finest wet shaving gear from all over the world, introducing you to the lesser known brands that you don’t see in the supermarkets.

Make the switch to one of our single blade razors (included free in your first box) and find out exactly what you’ve been missing:

  • Warm scented lathers and effortlessly close shaves.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin. Eliminate irritation and say goodbye to shaving rash!
  • Artisan soaps/creams, post-shave balms, colognes and more. Every kit is different so you’re never bored.
  • A clean conscience, no more plastic cartridges. Our blades are 100% recyclable.

Pre-shave box – Post-shave box – Extra-care box

Our latest kit is the “Pre-Shave Box” which will be going out to renewing subscribers between August 16th – September 30th. With this kit we usually feature a product such as a pre-shave cream or oil, designed to prep your beard before you slap a lather on and start shaving. We also include an extra product that’s more long-lasting and tend to feature less than once a year, so it’s quite the exclusive box!

For the full description of everything in this month’s box, check them out below:

Lavender and coconut shaving cream

Coconut and Lavender Shaving Cream RRP £9.95

We’re incredibly excited to unveil this brand new shaving cream, made in collaboration with the fantastic artisan soap maker Suezbana. We’ve featured Suezbana’s small batch, handmade shaving creams a number of times in the past to great fan fare so we were over the moon when she agreed to create a bespoke cream just for The Personal Barber subscribers.

As always, it’s been made using high quality, natural ingredients without any parabens. Only a small amount is needed to quickly whip into a dense, hydrating lather than protects the skin during the shave and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

For the scent, we wanted something different that we’d never featured before in the subscription but still had a traditional feel to it. Coconut and lavender are both popular scents on their own but they smell even more amazing together, making for a relaxing experience to start your day. The scent wears off quickly after rinsing it off so it won't interfere with your choice of aftershave.

To use: Take a small almond-sized dollop of shaving cream and, using a slightly damp brush, work up your lather in either a bowl, your hand or directly on your face. Try not to let water into the cream as it will reduce its longevity.

Ingredients: Aqua, Stearic acid, Potassium cocoate, Sodium cocoate, Potassium olivate, Sodium olivate, Potassium castorate, Sodium castorate, Glycerol, Parfum, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, coumarin, linalool

sweet rum and lime pre shave oil one society

One Society Sweet Rum And Lime Pre-Shave Oil RRP £15

One Society are a boutique British business, based in Hastings, that create a range of high quality, handmade male grooming products. Most of their range are aimed at bearded individuals but this pre-shaving oil is for us shavers.

Including a pre-shave oil in your routine is a great way to ensure you have a comfortable shave, particularly if you have sensitive skin that’s prone to irritation as it provides an extra barrier to protect from the blade.

Made with an expert blend of the finest oils to grace your skin such as Argan, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, and Apricot. These oils are known for their excellent skin and hair softening qualities so your stubble becomes effortlessly easy for the blade to glide through without any resistance and leaves your face feeling hydrated and moisturised post-shave.

The sweet rum and lime scent is refreshing and goes very well with the shaving cream.

To use: Take one pump of oil and massage into your freshly washed beard. Leave to sit for a full minute so it has time to absorb and soften the hairs. Use this time to start building your lather with your brush. Apply your lather directly on top of the oil and begin shaving.

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Natural Vitamin E, Apricot Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Essential Oil Blend.

Black and gold shaving towel with TPB logo

The Personal Barber Luxury Shaving Towel RRP £11.95

Once a year we like to include a shaving towel to the box so you can benefit from a truly luxurious barbershop style experience! There’s just nothing quite like starting your shave with a relaxing, steaming hot towel.

We wanted to keep things exclusive for our subscribers so this towel, made in Austria, is limited edition and won’t be made again! Next year we’ll design a completely different towel so you’re always getting something unique and special. Made from 100% ring spun cotton at a luxurious 550gsm weight, it feels soft and absorbs water well.

Can be used in place of a pre-shave shower, the towel is left to sit on the face which softens the hairs and leaves the skin ready for a great shave.

Bonus tip: It can also be used as just a regular shaving towel to dry your face after shaving, or can be kept in the fridge to act as a cold towel at the end of a shave to close pores.

To use: Rinse before use. Soak in hot water (below 60 degrees to maintain its vibrancy) for 15 seconds, wring out the excess and then apply to the area to be shaved until it has cooled down. It takes a minimum of 3 minutes for your beard hairs to fully absorb water so you may need to repeat this process 2 or 3 times to reap the full benefit of a softened beard. Let it cool until it is safe to touch. Common sense must apply when using hot water. Please DO NOT apply a scalding hot towel to the skin, always double check it is safe to touch first.

Perma sharp De blades and Astra superior stainless De blades

Perma Sharp and Astra Blue Replacement Blades

Made in Russia, Perma-Sharps have a strong reputation for being a relatively sharp blade whilst being forgiving and having excellent longevity. Lasts 4-8 shaves per blade.

As we featured the greens last month, we thought it would be interesting to compare them with the blue version of Astras in this box. The Super Stainless version is a bit sharper than their green counterparts with slightly reduced longevity. Originally made in the Czech Republic, production was moved to Russia once the company was bought by Gillette. Lasts 3-6 shaves.

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