June Subscription Box: Upgrade Your Morning Shave With This Month's Subscription Box

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The personal barber uk shaving subscription

This month we are incredibly pleased to be partnering with Men Rock, a no-nonsense UK male grooming brand that takes inspiration from traditional barbers and Jermyn Street (a street in London known for its high-end clothes and luxury goods) to make quality products both for the wet shaver and beardsman alike.

Originally we intended to just include their shaving cream but we were so impressed with their whole line of classic barber-style shaving products that this month has become a bit Men Rock themed.

Below is everything included in this month's box, we hope you like it. Now get your groom on!

For those of you that have been subscribed from the beginning, you may notice that this is the first time we have featured a shaving cream. Creams are great because they are often a lot easier to whip up into a lather but they don’t tend to last as long. Fortunately we have included this full size tub, more than enough for a month’s shaving.

They can also take a bit of getting used to if you normally use soap, so here are our tips. Simply scoop out an almond-sized bit of cream and place it either into your shaving bowl or the centre of your brush. Then start working the brush as usual to create a thick and creamy lather. You may find you won’t need to add as much water as you usually do, so be careful the lather isn’t too runny. Always err on the side of caution, it’s much easier to add a drop more water than take it out (though if you do add too much water, keep whisking away and eventually you’ll reach the desired thickness). Some people, rather than scoop the cream out of the tub, swirl their damp brush in the tub itself. This isn’t advised, for two reasons; 1. You are likely to use an unnecessary amount of cream as it is harder to judge the amount you get on your brush 2. If you’re using a damp brush, you run the risk of watering down the cream over time, which may impede it’s performance.

the personal barber shaving cream

Men Rock Sandalwood Shaving Cream - We’re very pleased to be able to feature this superb shaving cream this month. Men Rock have made a high quality cream that provides a stable lather, is thick and provides ample cushioning for the blade, preventing irritation for an easy and comfortable shave. It also has moisturising properties that leave the skin feeling really soft post-shave and found that this contributed for softening hairs during the shave as well, you can really feel the difference once you’ve let it soak in for a bit when you let the razor effortlessly glide across the skin. Scented with a subtle sandalwood aroma, you can’t help but feel manly when lathering this one up.

the personal barber post shave balm from men rock" width

Men Rock Post-Shave Balm - No matter how moisturising your soap or cream is, it is always advised to use a balm after shaving. Fortunately Men Rock have really delivered with their post-shave balm, designed to deeply nourish the skin to prevent any signs of shaving irritation such as rash or ingrown hairs. At first we found the consistency a bit strange, it’s very runny and can easily spill over the sides of the tub if you’re not careful, but we quickly learned to love it. Our technique involved dipping in the tip of a finger, dabbing on the face and then rubbing it all in. It practically melts into the skin and leaves it feeling incredibly smooth after wards. If you find yourself stroking your cheeks on a regular basis after using it, don’t worry that’s normal.


men rock blades sm 

June Box Replacement DE Razor Blades - Remember, each brand of blade is different and can have a huge effect on the quality of your shave depending on your beard thickness and skin type. In the search to find you the best possible razor blade for you, we have included two new brands this month.
Big Ben Double-Edge Razor Blades - Made in Egypt, these stainless steel blades are coated in PTFE for better razor glide across the skin for that extra smooth shave. They are a relatively sharp blade, well suited for those with thicker hairs.
Men Rock Double-Edge Razor Blades - Continuing the Men Rock theme this month we have included their own branded razor blades. These are an all-round blade that can get good use from all beard types. Let us know what you think.

Men Rock Styptic Pencil - In the past we have included packs of alum matchsticks, and had a very positive response, so this month we thought we’d include a full pencil. This is essentially the same product as the matchsticks but a full stick of it! Made from alum, it’s a natural aftershave treatment with astringent and antiseptic properties to help sooth the skin after shaving. It’s particularly useful for healing any nicks and cuts; simply run over a damp face after shaving, afterwards rinse with water. It’s also useful for monitoring your technique or bluntness of blade. If you have poor technique, such as pressing too hard or holding the blade at too steep an angle, chances are you are causing tiny invisible cuts all over your skin when shaving. When you run the pencil over your skin you will feel the tiny cuts as stinging on your face. Similarly, when your razor blade has been used too many times it can cause these tiny cuts. It’s very satisfying after a shave to run the pencil over your face without any stinging feeling. It’s the sign of a job well done!

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