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UK shaving subscription items

The May 2015 boxes are now available to order. All current subscribers have already had their latest box of shaving goodies sent out in the post. For those curious to know what all the fuss is about, why every guy should use a safety razor and how to start receiving boxes of shaving joy each month, go here.


We have now simplified our subscription. Before we had two subscription options:

1. The Monthly Shave Box - For the beginner wet shaver, the first box included a razor, brush, DE blades, shaving soap and shaving guide.
From the second month onwards each box included new soap, new blades and extra shaving goods that change each month. Notice these extra goods aren’t included in the first month because the razor and brush take their place.
2. The Advanced Box - For the savvy wet shaver, this option skipped the first month’s box -with razor and brush- and jumped straight to the second month’s box contents. Designed for those that didn’t need another razor or brush and wanted to get straight into the extra shaving goods.

The new way

We have now condensed both options into one subscription so that everyone gets the same box each month, with new soaps, blades and extra shaving goods, but if you are a new subscriber you also get the razor and brush in your first box for free. Why? Because we were feeling generous.

If you're already a subscriber to the "advanced box" don't worry, you won't notice any difference. You'll just continue to get great shaving goods every month.

What’s in the box this month?

I must say, we have outdone ourselves this month with an absolutely jam-packed box. If your postman’s biceps are bulging more than normal it’s probably from all of the goodies in our boxes he’s had to carry!

May Box Replacement DE Blades - As has been mentioned in previous posts, each brand of blade is very different depending on where it was made, the materials that went into producing it and the type of extra coating it may receive. This results in each blade giving a unique shaving experience and, over time, you will come to really appreciate this difference. A rough rule of thumb is that the relatively sharp blades are best suited to the dark, thick haired individuals in order to cleanly slice through without a hint of tugging, and the relatively blunt blades are best for those with lighter hairs or more sensitive skin. However the subtle differences in each brand of blade make for plenty of exceptions and each person will find that certain blades work best for them that others may disagree with.
Lord Platinum Class Double-Edge Razor Blades - Made in Egypt, the Platinum Class are the top of the line in the Lord range. They have an edge that is somewhere in the middle for sharpness compared to other brands, making them fairly well suited to most beard types. Coated with PTFE to aid in razor glide as well as platinum to increase their durability to perform over a number of shaves.
Sputnik Double-Edge Razor Blades - These are one of the top selling blades in Russia, made in St Petersburg, they have a loyal following. Also coated with PTFE to reduce friction for that extra smooth shave. Many find that these blades have a lot of life in them, allowing for several shaves before they need replacing.

may shaving soaps twa burds

May Box Shaving Soaps - Coming all the way from Glasgow, Scotland, this month includes two very unique handmade scented shaving soaps from Twa Burds Soaps. We think you will absolutely love these soaps, not just for their excellent lathering properties but also for their divine fragrance and sharp branding. And it’s no surprise they look and smell so great! Twa Burds Soaps is an artisanal soap producer formed of a partnership between an aromatherapist and an artist with a passion for soap, that wanted to create superior quality soaps without any of the nasty extras that end up in many commercial products. That’s why these soaps contain no SLS, Parabens or Palm Oil and are Vegan Friendly.
We were feeling particularly generous this month and have included over 200g of shaving soap to try. It is easiest to create a lather with a damp brush straight on the soap rather than using a separate bowl, but that works too!
Mint and Tea Tree Shaving Soap (100g) - The combination of ingredients within this shaving soap are specially formulated to help soothe and cool the skin during and after shaving. Tea tree is a well known ingredient for its benefits to the skin as well as being antibacterial and antiseptic for that extra clean and fresh shave. The essential oils help to reduce any potential irritation and redness and the tea tree also helps to combat blemishes and spots.
Burds of Paradise Shaving Soap (100g) - Their signature blend is designed to brighten the skin leaving it smooth and glowing. The tropical scent is made up in part by the lemon essential oil, which helps to clean the skin and clear away dead skin cells, and the sweet orange oil which is a great detoxifier for congested skin.

may box shaving oil

Good Day Organics Shaving Oil - We are very excited to be able to include this shaving oil from an excellent ethical company that aims to provide products with a higher quality of skincare, specifically designed with certified organic ingredients instead of nasty harsh chemicals and carcinogenic parabens and fragrances. This is part of Good Day Organic's newly released men’s range of products designed to be suitable for everyone to use and also support sustainable certified organic farmers around the world. The shaving oil contains a delicate mix of ingredients including Organic Jojoba Oil, Camellia Oil and Starflower Oil. These pure ingredients deeply penetrate the skin and keep it moisturised and fresh during your shave. The combined ingredients help to soften stubble and make it easier to shave and are certified organic to prevent irritation and burning sensations in sensitive skin.

Though it is advertised to be used on its own, we have included it in the box with the intention of it being used as a pre-shaving oil to really make the most of it. Using pre-shaving oil is great for those with sensitive skin because it moisturises your face while providing an extra layer of lubrication to protect against the blade. It’s also perfect when wanting that extra close shave because oils make the hair stand up and create a sleek surface for the razor to glide over. Simply add 4-5 drops into the palm of your hand and then rub into your stubble. Leave for a full minute to give time for the hairs to soften, use this time to build your shaving soap lather. Apply lather and then shave as normal. Due to it’s neutral scent, this oil is perfect for pairing with the unique soaps included in this month’s box as it won’t clash.

double edge razor

Cool Question Luxury Deodorising Face And Body Wipes - Last month we were incredibly pleased to send out the Cool Question post-shave balm and to receive such strong positive feedback from subscribers that loved it. This month, as an extra, we wanted to introduce another product in the Cool Question line that’s a bit different. These luxury face and body wipes are designed with the active man in mind, perfect after a gym session or during travelling such as after a long flight. Made to be convenient, they open out to be much larger than the standard facial wipe, retain their moisture for longer and leave a subtle and calming fresh fragrance. They are also much stronger so you can confidently wash your stubbly man face without fear of bits coming off.
Got a holiday coming up? We recommend taking these with you to freshen up after a stuffy plane journey so you can arrive at your destination in style.

synthetic hair shaving brush

The Personal Barber Traditional Double-Edge Safety Razor – Now included free for all new subscribers in their first box is our custom double edged safety razor. Designed specifically with the beginner wet shaver in mind, our razor is solid stainless steel but made a little bit lighter than similar safety razors. This makes it much easier to confidently apply the minimal amount of pressure required for an irritation free pass, throughout the shave. Similarly, the razor has a more streamlined head, allowing greater maneuverability to consistently achieve the optimum blade angle for a smooth tug-free glide.

Learn to get the perfect shave with a safety razor every time in just a few easy steps here.

synthetic hair shaving brush

Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush – Building a thick, warm scented lather yourself is an overlooked detail that will completely transform shaving from a resented chore into a pleasurable bit of “me-time” you’ll look forward to every day. When done correctly, it is intended to create a slickness and cushion that allows the blade to effortlessly glide across the skin without causing irritation. The Personal Barber Shaving Brush included in the starter box is made using a high quality nylon that has a great balance between rigidity and softness as it holds its shape well enough to easily load with soap but is still incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin. Its softness is a good compromise between stiff boar hair (often seen in cheaper brushes) and silky soft badger hair (very high-end). The problem with animal hair brushes is that they can smell terrible when brand new, requiring a breaking-in period and time spent washing away the odour. What’s more they need special care to fully dry between each shave to prevent mould from forming in the hairs. Again, our initial design process always kept the beginner wet shaver in mind; our synthetic hair brush doesn’t smell, can be used straight away and can even be thrown in a wash bag without fear of destruction from damp!

Check out this simple step-by-step tactic to achieving the perfect lather every time here.

All of the above items are included in boxes ordered from today until 20th June 2015. Boxes are posted the same day the order is placed and include free delivery.

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